Shana Davis, MA

Shana Davis, MA
Medical Assistant

Shana joined our team as a Medical Assistant in 2016.  In 2018, she graduated as a Certified Nurses Assistant from Johnson County Community College.

Shana has always had a strong belief system about challenging circumstances in our lives that can present themselves to us personally or to our families. She considers it part of a Master plan that is intended for our ultimate good, not only for ourselves, but also for the people around us.  As we change how we perceive these challenges from a difficult, uncomfortable situation to a highly beneficial learning experience, it soon becomes a blessing in our lives that may also benefit the lives of others.  As Shana refuses to let challenges intimidate or slow her down, she continues to inspire and motivate others to do the same when they face obstacles of their own.

In 2003, Shana’s family had a personal challenge when her husband was, unknowingly, poisoned by a toxic chemical while working on a large scale art project. Her husband landed in the emergency room twice and after many months of lab testing, imaging, and various treatments, he still was having the same symptoms.  Shana began her search to help him heal with diet and nutrition.  In 2004, she began the overwhelming task of completely changing what, where, when and how her family ate. After a 40-day detox, her husband lost 20 lbs. and his symptoms began improving.  She realized through this challenging experience that the body is created with an amazing ability to heal when it has the correct nutrition to do so. Although her husband continued to improve, there were still missing pieces to his recovery that prompted her search for a Naturopathic Doctor. Fortunately, she was guided to Dr. Diane Diehn in Olathe, KS. At the very first appointment, they knew they had found the hope, knowledge and remaining tools needed to complete the rest of her husband’s recovery.

Shana’s heart beats to serve her beautiful family! She considers it a blessing, privilege and an honor to have homeschooled both of her children. Throughout her years as a Stay At Home Homeschooling Mom (SAHHM), Shana learned how to have a healthy lifestyle on a very limited family budget. With very little “extra” money to go around, creativity became the key!  This started Shana’s journey into learning about organic, non-GMO healthy food choices on a budget.  She learned how to have healthy nutrition for her family and began learning healthy meal planning.  She kept her family satisfied and content eating healthy, nutritious foods without having them sneak out for fast food or other inappropriate, unhealthy choices.

She considers herself especially blessed to be part of such a dedicated, caring and knowledgeable team of health experts.  She continues her passion and research of healthy nutrition in a country lifestyle by extending it to her 4-legged family of horses, dogs, and cats.  When Shana is not in the kitchen, she is healing someone on their property – either rehabilitating a horse, giving a barefoot trim, training and riding her Arabians and warmblood horses, or being creative with her multi-talented family.