Midwest Thermography

Breast Thermography

At Midwest Thermography we are dedicated to educating patients and health care providers about the benefits of thermography, its intended use and the correct methods of thermal imaging and interpretation.  Thermography is an FDA approved, non-invasive, radiation free imaging technology that can visualize and document temperature variations.  This allows for visualization of physiological changes in the body such as hormone imbalance and lifestyle effects on health risk.  X-Rays, mammography, ultrasound, and MRIs are all tests that only provide information on the structures found within the body.

  • No Doctor’s Referral Needed
  • Non-invasive, Radiation Free and FDA Approved
  • Indicates Level and Duration of Health Risk
  • Detects Hormone Imbalance and Lifestyle Effects on Breast Health
  • Monitors Effectiveness of Prevention and Treatment Plans
  • All Technicians are Certified, Female and Experienced Health Professionals
  • All Reports Include a Hormonal Grade for Estrogen Activity
  • Reports Are Reviewed by Doctors Experienced in Thermography and Women’s Heath
  • Further Assessment and Monitoring Available by Licensed Doctors

Thermography helps to detect risk factors early to allow time to make a change before the diagnosis can occur.  This assists doctors in formulating more effective treatment and prevention plans, as well as monitoring the effectiveness of treatments and lifestyle changes.  Clinical Thermography is used for monitoring treatment progress of many conditions including:

Breast Health
Dental Irritation
Headache Patterns
Hormone Imbalance
Inflamatory Conditions
Musculoskeletal Pain
Spider Veins
Spinal Misalignment
Sports Injuries
Thyroid Problems
Varicose Veins
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